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Eligible NAP Crops.

Eligible crops/commodities are any commercial agricultural crop/commodity (excluding livestock and their by-products), or acreage of a commodity grown for food or fiber for which catastrophic risk protection under subsection (b) of section 508 of the Federal Crop Insurance Act (7 U.S.C. 1508) and additional coverage under subsections (c) and (h) of such section are not available or, if such coverage is available, it is only available under a policy that provides coverage for specific intervals based on weather indexes or under a whole farm plan of insurance.

Life of Application for Coverage, Cancellation, and Termination.

  1. This is a continuous Application for Coverage and will remain in effect for each crop year following the acceptance of the original Application for Coverage if the non refundable service fee is submitted by the application closing date. If the service fee is received after the application closing date, it will be returned to you, you will not have NAP coverage for the crop year, and you must submit a new Application for Coverage to obtain NAP coverage in a future crop year.
  2. You must have made an application for NAP on or before the application closing date for the crop/commodity in the county.
  3. You must be a person or legal entity as defined by FSA to be eligible for NAP coverage.
  4. After acceptance of the Application for Coverage, you may not cancel this coverage for the initial crop year. Thereafter, the Application for Coverage will continue in force for each succeeding crop year with timely payment of the applicable service fee and/or CCC-860.

Report of Production.

  1. You must report production to us:
  • (1)  Within 60 days of the last day of coverage for the crop year for any NAP covered crop in the unit if you are filing an application for payment
  • (2)  No later than the acreage reporting date for the crop in the subsequent crop year or, for crops with a coverage period of more than 12 months, no later than 60 days after the normal harvest date,if you are not filing an application for payment.
  1. If you do not provide the required production report, we will assign a yield for the previous crop year. The yield assigned by us will not be more than 75 percent of the yield used by us to determine your coverage for the previous crop year. The production report or assigned yield will be used to compute your approved yield for the purpose of determining your coverage for the current crop year.
  2. If you have filed a NAP application for payment for any crop year, the documents signed by you which state the amount of production used to complete the application for payment will be the production report for that year unless otherwise specified by CCC.


  1. Acreage planted to the eligible crop/commodity in which you have a share is covered except acreage on which the eligible crop/commodity is damaged and the COC determines it is practical to replant the covered crop/commodity, but the eligible crop is not replanted;
  2. If NAP coverage is provided for an irrigated practice, you must report as irrigated only that acreage for which you have adequate facilities and adequate water, or the reasonable expectation of receiving adequate water at the time coverage begins, to carry out a good irrigation practice. If you knew or had reason to know that your water may be reduced before coverage begins, the crop cannot be reported as irrigated.
  3. We may restrict the amount of acreage that we will cover to the amount allowed under any acreage limitation program established by the United States Department of Agriculture if we notify you of that restriction prior to the application closing date.
  4. Replacement crop acreage planted after approved prevented planted or failed crop acreage, in the same crop year, is not considered acres devoted to the eligible crop and is not eligible for NAP.

Assignment of NAP Payment.

You may assign to another party your right to a NAP payment for an eligible loss for the crop year. The assignment must be on our form and will not be effective until approved in writing by us. You will be responsible for requesting NAP payments no later than the subsequent crop year acreage reporting date for the crop/commodity following the crop year in which the loss occurred.

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